Living, freely flying butterflies is an unforgettable experience




Butterflyservice is a company that is working with the raising of butterflies and exhibitions with freely flying butterflies.


What can we offer?


An exhibition where hundreds of tropical butterflies are leaving their chrysalides, butterflies that are freely flying, eating fruit and exposing themselves in front of the camera.  


The visitors may feed the butterflies, play with them and take many imaginative pictures.

Our staff will take care of the butterflies and readily answers questions from the visitors.


Why should you do it?


Because it will be an unforgettable experience for the visitors. The visitors get knowledge of these exotic species, feed them from their own hand, take nice pictures and experience fascinating moments.


 When can it take place?


When it suits you. Contact us two weeks in advance.   


For how long does the exhibition last?


From one day exhibition to a permanent exhibition.


How many butterflies are usually included?


It depends on how big the showroom is. We recommend five butterflies per square metre.


How many species are usually included?


Up to thirty different species.


What about the preparations?


The day before the exhibition we create a piece of living nature together, with plants, net and lamps. We put down the chrysalides and release the beautiful butterflies.


What do butterflies eat?


We feed them with nectar and fruits.


For how long do they stay alive?


It depends on the species. Generally it ranges from one week to a couple of months. We exchange butterflies in time.

Will the butterflies fly away from the showroom?


No, they won’t. They will be in place with net and nice hangings.


Will it be hot and humid in the room?


No, not really. The combination of fans and a small humidifier creates a microclimate that is suitable for the butterflies and it won’t spread to the whole room.


Is it necessary to turn to Butterflyservice’s staff under the exhibition?


We can teach your personnel/you to take care of everything. However, it takes some time, so our customers usually apply our staff.


Are there any reportage and pictures from any exhibitions?


Please, take a look at our website:




Why should I turn to this company?


We have experience, nice and competent staff, quality consciousness, flexibility and moderate prices.   




One of our previous projects is the exhibition ”Fjärilspåsk” (“Butterfly easter”) at the Watermuseum Aquaria in Stockholm. More information can be found at:





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Phone: +46 73 64 234 73 or +46 8 64 707 44











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